People Are Only Now Finding Out That Baby Owls Sleep Face Down On Their Bellies


If you thought that baby owls were the cutest thing already, wait until you see these pics of them sleeping with their faces down.

In a position that looks like they may have passed out from a heavy night’s drinking, they actually sleep this way naturally because at a very young age their heads are too heavy.

We often don’t get to see owls or their offspring sleeping, so it’s no wonder that these pics have taken the internet by storm and amazed people who had no idea that the owlets sleep face down.

What’s even more impressive is that they sleep like this on the branches of trees, hence why most people have never seen this.

You might be wondering why they don’t fall off. This is due to the strength of their back toe, called the hallux. A baby owl will use this to tether their body to the branch and it won’t move until it bends it’s leg.

So until they grow large enough to sleep sitting upright, they have to lie down on their bellies, sometimes turning their heads to the side, before drifting off into dreamland.

Journalist Mark Rees recently discovered this for himself and was so bemused that he put out a tweet which quickly spread across social media as so many others were equally as surprised to learn this.

Scroll down for more pictures of owlets in their adorable sleeping position.

All images via: BoredPanda