Spectacular “Galaxy” Flowers Look Like They Hold The Cosmos In Their Petals

The Night Sky Petunia is a purple bloom with petals that look like a magical window into the universe. Scientifically called Petunia cultivars, this specular purple flower features speckled luminous white spots that look like a starry night sky.

The white coloring is caused by a large variance between day and night temperatures. To guarantee that the flowers are always speckled with the shiny dots, the plant needs to stay warm during the day (about 100° F) and cool at night (around 50° F). The white spots will become more prominent as the flowers rebloom, and the petals will eventually turn almost completely white.

This species of petunia can grow up to 16 inches tall and the flowers usually bloom in the spring and summer months. It’s unique features make it extremely popular among flower enthusiasts even though it takes a bit of work to consistently produce the gorgeous white spots. If you want to grow your own Night Sky Petunia, you can order a packet of seeds from Amazon.

The petals of the Night Sky Petunia are like a glimpse of heaven.

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Each flower has a one-of-a-kind pattern in various shades of purple.

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