10 Things That Happen To You When You Suppress Your Emotions

To quote Teal Swan, we live in an emotional dark age. Sheer apathy has shut everyone’s ears towards others’ grief and suffering. Sweeping sorrow under the carpet and putting on facades of happiness are more acceptable socially than talking about the problems that keep you up at night.

What the age doesn’t understand is, such sweeping under the rug can not only take a toll on your mental health (the word “therapy” has become common parlance nowadays) but can also wreck your physical health and well-being. Here we tried to compile a list of ten things that might happen as repercussions of suppressing emotions.

1. Weight Gain

The face that stress of any kind can make you overeat, is a sitcom trope. And such gluttony can only lead to problems like diabetes and fat deposition. And in an age where morbid obesity kills more people than cancer, it is nothing but bad news.

Of course, overeating as a result of stress normally occurs because one thinks of it as a means of control. As a result, it can also be remedied if a healthy outlet can be found, like journaling/blogging, exercise etc.

2. High Blood Pressure

Suppressing emotions can be a physically tiring task and at times people can find themselves overwhelmed by the task. And extrapolating from that, your body tries to work harder at coping with it and hence the increased blood pressure.

Many people have actually found how their heart rate increases when they feel sorrow and stress. And needless to say, that is not healthy at all.

3. Problems With Digestion

Stress tends to slow down metabolism in general and your digestive system isn’t detached from that. And slowed digestion makes absorption of nutrients slow as well, not only making fat gain more common, but also acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation etc.

4. Grinding Of The Teeth

People not only grind teeth when they have parasites. It has been shown that when trying to hold back anger and frustration, one can grind teeth. Prolonged periods of doing that, can result in jaw pain and other ill effects.

5. Wrinkles

It is a wrong supposition that wrinkles can only result from aging. Emotion suppressing can lead to line formation and wrinkles before your time has come. This is the logic behind beauty spas wanting you to relax to enhance your beauty i.e they want you to de-stress your face and body and that helps in preventing premature aging among many other things.

6. Reduced Output Of Oxytocin

Remember the warm, fuzzy, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling when hugging someone you love, cuddling with your puppy or just share a conversation with someone you like? That right there is oxytocin at work. It is also called the feel-good-hormone and for good reason.

When withholding emotions, it is that same hormone that is not produced in adequate amounts.

7. Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is of the essence because it helps the body heal and repair among other things.

Very obviously suppressing emotions leads to something called dwelling on things which everyone is familiar of and guilty of too. This same dwelling also prevents sleep from taking hold.

8. Temporal Lobe Is Prevented From Doing Its Job

The temporal lobe is responsible for things like our sense organs, memories. You might have heard of stressed and depressed people forgetting things; well now you know why.

9. Dysfunctional Immune System

If you are stressed don’t be surprised if you fall sick more often. Stress affects health in general and the immune system is no exception to it. And being ill all the time can affect every aspect of your existence, needless to say.

10. Memory Loss

Extrapolating from point 8, memory is one of the things affected in the worst possible way by stress.

Now, none of this has to be your future.

So make an effort to de-stress and not dwell on things. Learn to talk, share what you’re going through and enjoy life in general. Make an effort.