12 Things You’ll Be Surprised To Learn Have An Expiry Date

We are all used to checking the expiry date of food products when shopping or before we eat, but food and drinks are not the only things you need to be checking – many household items also expire over time and should be thrown out and replaced when that time comes, as they may become a risk to your health or just end up plain useless.

Below are 12 items you probably have in your house that you may not know have an expiry date…

#1 – Towels (1-3 Years)

When we use a towel after bathing and hang it up for re-use, it’s at this time bacteria starts to build up. Over time and prolonged usage it may still be in reasonable shape and seem good for use but the bacteria built up deep inside it can survive the wash and may become harmful to your health.

#2 – Toothbrush (3 Months)

How long have you been using your current toothbrush for? Sometimes it can be easy to forget that the toothbrush becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria so it’s recommended to change it every 3 months. Your dentist has probably already told you this, so remember to do it!

#3 – Hairbrush (1 Year)

Hairbrushes can seem harmless and some people can become attached to their favorite one. But again, it’s recommended to replace them fairly regularly and the cleanse them thoroughly at least once a week.

#4 – Running Shoes (1 Year)

Most running shoes, despite how good they are, usually need replaced after every 250-300 miles. The cushioning erodes and breaks down and when this happens extra stress is put on the joints. 1 Year is just an approximation, it all depends on how much you run. So bear that in mind and be ready to replace them when they are worn out to prevent injury.

#5 – Disinfectants (3 Months)

Approximately 3 months after opening disinfectants lose their effectiveness. So your efforts to keep your home clean may be wasted if your disinfectant has been sitting around too long.

#6 – Hydrogen Peroxide (1 Year)

You might think that a chemical like this would last forever, but in fact once opened it starts to turn to water. So a bottle that’s opened occasionally should be thrown out after 1 year, and replaced with a new one.

#7 – Bra (1-2 Years)

Even the most expensive of bras will soon start to loosen and bend out of shape and not give you the support and comfort you were once getting from it. When it starts to feel uncomfortable, throw it out and buy a new one.

#8 –  Mosquito Repellent (2 Years)

If you only need this for the occasional holiday or camping trip, be sure to remember when you bought it. If a couple of years have passed it loses it’s effectiveness and you should get yourself a new bottle.

#9 – Fire Extinguishers (15 years)

If you own a fire extinguisher, chance are you have never had to use it. Years can easily pass without paying it much attention but you should check the date to ensure it will work properly if needed. Also test it once in a while to be extra sure.

#10 – Flour (6-12 Months)

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to this one but cheap first-grade flour is generally only good for 6 months, with high-grade flour lasting up to a year.

#11 – Perfume (1-3 Years)

If left unopened a bottle of perfume can last up to 3 years. But if opened and used from time to time, it’s likely to only stay strong for 1-2 years – so make sure you use it!

# 12 – Pacifiers (2-5 Weeks)

Germs love latex so you should make sure you check the the box of the pacifier and strictly adhere to the recommended usage.