8 Natural Cures to Get Rid of Blackheads Permanently

We all try to remove them and they simply return in just few days. But not any more. Say goodbye to blackheads permanently!

Blackheads on the face, especially on the nose is one of the most annoying problems for all women. We all try to remove them and they simply return in just few days. But not any more. Now we can remove them permanently using natural ingredients! How?

First let me tell you what blackheads are and why they appear on your skin.

We have around 5 million follicles all over the body and each one of them contains one hair and a gland. The task of this gland is to produce sebum oil that will keep your skin soft. When this hair follicle is clogged because of dead skin cells, this sebum oil will mix with dirt on your skin and will form a plug, this form will a bump on your skin that will appear as blackhead on your skin surface.

Blackheads are mild type of acne, that is very easy to cure and you can also easily prevent them form appearing on your skin.

Here are the main causes that lead to blackheads:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Inheritance
  • Unclean skin
  • Cosmetics
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

Today we are going to tell you about some simple natural ways to  clean the pores and remove blackheads using easily available ingredients at home.

Tomato Wash
Lemon Scrub
Toothpaste Rub
Honey Massage
Baking soda Mask
Oatmeal Pack
Egg Wash
Cinnamon Pack

Tomato Wash Tomatoes are a great home remedy to remove blackheads. This fruit has natural antiseptic properties that dry up blackheads. Take a small tomato, peeled and mashed, then apply it over the blackheads before going to bed. Leave overnight and then wash face with clean water in the morning.
Lemon Scrub Lemon is another natural ingredient that is effective in treating blackheads. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice in a bowl, add salt and stir the mixture well. Wash face with warm water and apply the mixture on the blackheads. Leave for some 20 minutes and wash face again with warm water.
Toothpaste Rub Apply a thin layer of toothpaste over the blackheads, leave for 25 minutes and wash face gently with warm water. Repeat this remedy for two weeks to be free from blackheads.
Honey Massage Honey has antiseptic properties that work wonders for both oily skin and blackheads. Apply honey onto the affected area and wash off with warm water after 15 minutes.
Baking Soda Mask Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water to make a paste. Apply gently to the affected part, allow to dry for few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water to remove away the oil and dirt that cause blackheads.
Oatmeal Pack A mixture of oatmeal and yogurt is good for the skin and helps banish blackheads. Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with 3 tablespoons of yogurt, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil to it; mix all these ingredients well till it forms a paste. Apply the mixture on the face, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash face with cold water.
Egg Wash Raw eggs are an effective home remedy to get rid of blackheads. Beat one to two egg whites, mixed with one tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture over the area of blackheads, leave for 30 minutes and wash off with warm water.
Cinnamon Pack Prepare a mixture of equal parts of cinnamon powder and limejuice to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the affected parts and leave on overnight and then wash off with warm water in the morning.