This Fascinating Viral Video Explains How Bacteria Rules Over Your Body

An understanding of bacteria gives us a stronger understanding of our bodies, our habits and what we can do to improve our health and regain control of our decisions.

This amazing video will give you an introduction to what bacteria is, they types that there are, and how significant a role it plays in our bodies.

Bacteria is all around us from the day we are born and we have no choice other than to host the bacteria, giving them the environment they want and the things that they need.

We have evolved to adapt to live with the microbes in our system and now have a give and take relationship with them. Some are good for us and play in important role in terms of health, digestion and immunity. Some aren’t so good but are still a necessary part of our system.

Recent studies are showing that our microbe biome can have a direct influence on our mood, actions and dietary decisions.

By eating healthy food we ingest healthy bacteria, and the healthy bacteria inside us urge us to consume more healthy food so they can multiply.

Similarly, when we eat unhealthy fast food, we are ingesting “unhealthy” bacteria which then makes us crave more fast food to bring in more of the same bacteria. So it’s a vicious cycle, but one that can be broken with some awareness of what is happening.

Knowing that bacteria might be playing a big role in our cravings for unhealthy food is a great thing, because we also know that it can be fixed. By changing our diet and eating healthy food with good bacteria, eventually you will be craving the good food instead.

The bacteria inside us may also cause serious diseases so it’s extremely important to pay attention to what’s going on in there.

Watch the video here: