They Never Get Sick And Live Up To 120 years. Here Is Their secret!

The healthiest and happiest people live in the northern part of Pakistan. The people of this small population are called Hunza.
The life of these people is not easy, but very simple.

Hunza live on uneven and stony land and their food consists of native plants cultivated vegetables and fruits such as whole grains, but without pesticides, fertilizers or any GMOs.
Here is the truth about their life:

They consume small amounts of meat and dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Their days are occupied with agriculture, livestock farming, chores, cooking, child care, social events and sports. Their lives are focused on family and community. Children of Hunza are actually the best educated in Pakistan.

Although the unemployment rate for them is 90% these people are generally happy. Therefore sociologists observed them to discover their secret for a happy life.

The average lifespan is 120 years, but there are people who have lived to almost 150. This is unheard of anywhere in the world except here.

Many women of Hunza give birth at 65 years of age when they are already in menopause. Hunza live life without fear and anxiety, they are linked with nature.
A very important part of their culture is fasting. Apricots are one of their main food. In their valley grow more than 50 varieties. In the spring, for 2-4 months, drinking only juice from dried apricots. The apricots are dried in the sun in summer and stored for the winter.

Apricot as a food product is really impressive with contained in the B-Complex vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and fiber. The seeds of apricot contains B17, which is known that prevent cancer.

Hunza traditional drink is tea made from the plant Tumuru. The extract from this bush has anti-spastic effect and also regulates blood sugar levels. Every part of this plant is used: seeds, bark and fruits. Stem because of its hypoglycemic activity, the bark is used for cleaning teeth, while fruits and seeds are used as an aromatic tonic for indigestion and fever. Also, the extract of the fruits is effective in removing roundworms.

If this is not convincing enough for you to understand why they live so long, let’s continue:

• Their land, air and water are almost zero pollutied. Water used for drinking, cooking and bathing is actually melted snow runoff from the Himalayas without fluoride or chlorine. Do not use chemicals or pesticides in the cultivation of food. No chemicals are used in the home. No plastic. No toxic waste.

• Their children are not vaccinated and are not suffering from any serious diseases or neurological damage. But they are very physically active, educated and maintained

• They do not use TV or cell phones. All their real life needs are met and they do not need more.

• Communities of Hunza are constantly socially interactive, so there is no depression or thoughts of isolation, there is big support from family and friends.

They take only what they need and when they need. Not obese. No chemicals in food. No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. No hormones or antibiotics in animal products. Do not use refined sugar. No plastic or metal containers.

• The lifestyle of Hunza is radically different from that of the West. Therefore they live healthier, longer and more satisfied.