Seven Day-to-day Hygiene Related Activities We Often Do Wrong

There are many things/activities all of us take for granted and pay very little attention to. Hygiene happens to be one of them.

There are many ways we mess up very commonplace activities related to it. And the thing with things like this is, they might cost us dearly, being so closely associated with health.

Here we tried to make a list of seven things that you might be doing wrong.

1. Nail care

What you might be doing wrong: Using clippers. Our nails unlike what you think are made of layers and aren’t solid masses. When you use clippers, you might peel and crack them. That causes them to heal and grow from then on, improperly.

How to do it right: Works for both, people who keep their nails long and ones who prefer them trimmed. Use a file. Trim all the layers to the desired size. That way you ensure proper growth of all layers and close to none peeling or breaking depending on whether you are doing it right or not.

2. Quantity of toothpaste

What you might be doing wrong: This is one of those things where more is not the way to go. Optimum is. Whenever you heap that huge blob of toothpaste on your brush and smile inside smugly thinking how conscious you are of dental health, you are actually lubricating your teeth and helping the brush glide over teeth instead of cleaning them. A bit of friction is necessary to drive plaque out which your brush doesn’t get if you use too much paste.

How to do it right: Remember the advice at the pack of the tube, “use a pea sized amount for best results”. Listen to it.

3. Nose-Picking

What you might be doing wrong: It is not what is coming outside that should be freaking you out. It is what’s going inside. Your hands touch a million things that are public: when you use those same fingers to pick your nose, those germs get into your nasal mucosa and can cause problems like inflammation.

How to do it right: Wash your nose by drawing water from your palm with your left and right nostril alternately. Or, better still, use a special device; there are ones that are available.

4. Lining the lower lashes

What you might be doing wrong: You might be lining them facing inwards. Now again, the brush you use almost definitely harbors harmful bacteria that can infect your optic membranes.

How to do it right: If you want to accentuate your lids, apply shadow and do it at a distance from your eyes.

5. Using shower gel

What you might be doing wrong: Using shower gel daily and thinking how clean you keep yourself. Shower gel kills off certain beneficial bacteria that keep your skin naturally hydrated and fresh looking. Using shower gel/soap on the entire body might actually lead to things like eczema.

How to do it right: Daily use of soap and gel is only necessary on our hands, armpits, and the area below the belt. Other zones can get by with using gel once every 2 days.

6. Covering face while sneezing

What you might be doing wrong: You might be covering your face with your hands while you sneeze. This leads to the germs nesting on your skin. This can cause irritation, rashes and a number of other dermal conditions.

How to do it right: Use a tissue. Or a handkerchief.

7. Using Hair Balm

What you might be doing wrong: Again, like soap or toothpaste, this is one of the cases where more is not always necessarily better. Hair balms largely consist of silicone based compounds that make your hair shine. When used in excessive amounts, however, this gets your scalp and clogs the pores on it, leading to hair getting greasy and dirty and not growing properly.

How to do it right: The optimum amount is ideally the size of a coin. It should be applied only to dry and split ends.