Transformed From Hunchback To Standing Tall In Just Ten Days

The video shows the amazing transformation of 17 year old American teenager Muntathar Altaii thanks to chiropractor Dr Ian Watch, who practise at Gonstead Chiropractic in Victoria, Australia

Mun was left in severe agony when he injured his back attempting to pull up a tree root. He found himself permanently hunched over in excruciating pain. It resulted in him being bed ridden for over three months.

He went to his local hospital’s A+E nine times over that period and no doctor was able to rectify the problem.

At his wits end Mun contacted Dr Ian and with his father traveled to Australia as a final resort to try and regain his posture.

Watch this amazing video, as you see Dr Ian work his magic and help transform Mun’s body from a near crippled state back to a sense of normality in less than two weeks, just in time for Mun to attend his high school graduation!

By Douglas Blane | Superhv