Touchscreens And Tablets Ruining Health Of Children

Nowadays computers and tablets are not just part of your daily life, but also your children’s education. As a result, it is easy to unwittingly eschew their possible adverse effects on them.

Children spending hours after hours staring at a screen is a common sight nowadays. In fact, many schools/playschools and education boards are making the transition from books to electronic readers, because of many concerns, including paper and its shortage.

A recent and interesting study has revealed how the usage of such screen devices adversely affect children’s health: reducing and altering their sleep cycles.

The study was conducted in the UK with 715 parents answering a detailed questionnaire about the amount of time their children spent in front of electronic devices and the amount of time they spend sleeping. The results are that the two are inversely proportional.

The result was precisely this: for every additional hour on a touchscreen device, a child loses about 16.5 mins of sleep. 75% of the parents with children up to 3 years of age confirmed this.

Other studies confirm how frequent usage increases with age. The percentage of children using touchscreens regularly increased exponentially from up to 11 months of age to say 36 months of age. Also, the study confirmed how the children who did not use touchscreens daily still did so on a regular basis.

The Evidence:

EMF’s in touchscreens are carcinogenic and the blue light which the children are exposed to, makes their nerve endings more alert, especially at night, making it harder to sleep. Of all the lights that inhibit melatonin (sleep hormone) to kick in, blue light is by far the worst, almost twice as harmful as the green light by comparison.

Electronics should be avoided for a few hours before going to sleep. This is a fact for all age groups alike. Harvard University studies have confirmed this; linking electronic usage to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity. The stats look alarming. It’s high time, you notice; for your own good and your children’s.