8 Ways To Make The Right Decision

The decisions we make shape our lives. Whether big or small, consciousness or unconscious, each decision we make takes us in one direction or another, for good or for bad.

Making the right decision is often a hard task as our judgment can be clouded by emotions, distractions and influence from others.

Here are 8 things you can try out when faced with making an important decision that may help you to decide what’s best.

#1 – Pay attention to your gut feelings

When we have a gut feeling about something, it is exactly that – a feeling in the gut. More often than not this gut feeling tells us when something is not right. Your head might be thinking one thing but you gut says the opposite. Pay attention to your gut feelings and inquire why these signals are there, it will help you gain a broader perspective on the issue.

#2 – Listen to your instincts

Our instincts have evolved to serve us well and keep us safe. In earlier eras, snap decisions would often mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully we’re not often faced with literal life or death situations these days, but our instincts are always at work. So listen to them, and ask yourself “why was that my initial instinct?”

#3 – Rephrase The Question

By asking more questions you will get more answers. Whatever the problem, try simply rephrasing the question in a few different ways and right these down. To ponder the answer to 3 or 4 different questions will bring more potential solutions to the table.

#4 – Take your time

Rushed decisions can turn out to be more of a gamble than anything else. Spontaneous decisions are sometimes required, but allow yourself enough time to really process everything before committing.

#5 – Sleep On it

When our brains have been in overdrive all day, it’s starts to get hard to think clearly and solve problems effectively. Sleep is a great tool which we still don’t fully understand, but if you ask yourself the question before you sleep, when you wake up with a clear head you might find the answer is obvious.

#6 – Talk it out with someone

By running things by someone you trust you will get an outside perspective on the situation and it will give you more to chew on. They may challenge your own default thinking patterns, and they may remember things that you don’t that will help you come to the best decision. Talking gets your thoughts out into the world where they can be weighed and measured, as opposed leaving them racing around your head leaving you unsure and confused.

#7 – Refer to history

If you’re faced with a tough decision, put your memory to work. Look back to previous times where you’ve been in similar situation. What decision did you make? What was the outcome? Was it the right decision? Our memories aren’t great so take the time to really look back as there may be times that you barely remember that can give you come good insight.

#8 – Solidify the decision

Once you have made a decision, stick with it. If you start to have doubts or regrets, this may actually contribute towards the decision becoming the “wrong” decision. If you accept the decision you have made it and are on board with it 100% (write it down if you have to) then it’s DONE. You can now move on to the next task with clarity of mind and the ability to make the best decision again.

Do you have any techniques that you use to help you make the right decision? If so, why not share them in the comments below to help others!