It Is Better For Strong Women To Be Single Than To Waste Time With Undeserving People

Despite the fact that strong ladies are likely to be ready to deal with jerks with utmost grace and patience than other fellow beings yet there should not be a need for them to deal with such humans who are beneath them and do not deserve their support, love and companionship.

Dating can undoubtedly be the best utilization of your opportunity and vitality, yet it can simply be the most noticeably awful utilization of your chance, vitality, and life. It’s a given that no relationship will be flawless, yet when the quantity of blemishes increase to a specific degree, there is practically never a decent reason to keep pushing ahead (or by any means) with your partner.

Regardless of the possibility that they rely upon you and their life will be adversely affected without your presence, these actualities don’t exceed the reality that your happiness is being stolen by your dedication to your partner.

Mostly people have one or more than one qualities that makes them desirable and alluring but that individual quality cannot be the only criteria to be with them and enter into a relationship.

There are other characteristics including negative ones that accompany those positive qualities and one needs to focus on them together to make a sound decision if we want to be with them or not.

A balance has to be struck between all the characteristics for the longevity of a relationship. An unbalanced relationship would not last long and will start to bother you after a certain period of time.

One approach to keep away from being dragged into these relationships, or to abstain from being dragged alongside them, is to really be happy while single, to find solace in your own company. It might appear just as being single is desolate but being in an undesirable relationship can be greatly forlorn also (maybe more so).

In all honesty, relationships must be considered and judged with more earnestness than words are, and should bring out the best in both individuals. Both of them should grow together and nurture each-other.

If your relationship isn’t giving you the room, inspiration and potential to become your best self then it is not worth investing yourself into. You deserve the love you give, pick up yourself and walk through the door where love is no longer served, because you deserve better.

Buddha rightly once mentioned and that should be engraved in our mind by now:
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
All we have is one life and you should do everything in your capacity to make the most of it. If you keep wasting your time on people and things for self-validation, soon even you’ll lose your self-worth.
Life is too short to not love ourselves. If we can’t love ourselves, how do we expect others to?