5 Signs That Your Ex Isn’t Quite Over You

If you've recently ended a relationship and things are weird, they might not be over you just yet. See if any of these 5 signs are familiar in your life.

By Raven Fon

When a relationship is over, that doesn’t necessarily mean that both people have accepted that fact. Sure, it’s possible to love someone and not be with them any longer, but there is a difference between healthy distance and respect, and just plain not getting over someone.

Some couples can end things amicably and might even remain friends with their ex, while others find it difficult to cut ties without some sort of chaos or dramatic involvement.

If you’ve recently ended a relationship with someone and things are still a bit weird, they might not be over you just yet. Take a look at these 5 signs and see if any of them are familiar in your life.

1. Getting calls for no particular reason

 It’s likely that your ex might have chosen to have no contact with you for a while, but then it happens. out of the blue they call you. They tell say they were thinking about you and wanted to know how you are doing. It’s possible that they may genuinely care about your well-being, but if they follow it up by talking about how much they miss the good times, then you know it’s not about you- it’s about the other person. This becomes a neon warning sign when you get repeated calls, texts, emails, etc.

2. Insistence on video chat

“No it’s okay, I understand you might not want to meet face to face, but at least chat with me on Skype.” “I really miss you and just want to see your smile.” “I feel so far away from my best friend.” Not only are these sneaky tactics used to make you feel sorry for the other person, but it’s unfair to ask someone to make time for your requests when they likely didn’t do the same for you during your relationship. Maybe that’s why it ended?

3. Wants to know what’s happening with your love life

This one should be a no-brainer. If your ex is asking about your love life, if you are seeing someone, or if anyone has asked you out lately, they are likely interested in rekindling the relationship with you. It’s always best to reply with “I’m keeping my options open right now.”

4. Finds a way to keep their stuff lingering around

They seem to be in no particular hurry to collect their things from your place. This is likely to be a deliberate excuse to stay in touch with you, and to see you again. Even if you have to do it yourself, get their things packed up and out of your personal space. How are you supposed to move on if they insist on holding you back?

5. Insists on meeting you in person

Whether you broke up a while ago, or recently, if your ex invites you to meet them for dinner, or visit them abroad, you can bet they aren’t over you yet.