Germany To Ban Combustible Engines By 2030 To Combat Climate Change

Germany’s upper house of parliament recently passed a resolution to ban combustible engines by 2030.

Whereas the United States of America took a step backward in terms of preventing climate change when it elected Donald Trump to be the nation’s next president, many European countries are taking massive steps forward by implementing fresh initiatives to combat global warming. For example, France recently announced that by 2023, the entire nation intends to run entirely on renewable energy. And, Sweden intends to be the world’s first fossil fuel-free country.

Now, Germany has pledged that by 2030, all combustible engines will be banned. Reuters explains that the German upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, recently passed a resolution calling for a ban on the engines. To ensure this goal is met, the EU Commission in Brussels will implement a ban to only allow zero-emission cars to be registered after the deadline. Consumers will get to keep their vehicles with combustible engines, but no more will be sold after 2030.

Says Greens party lawmaker Oliver Krischer to Der Spiegel:

“If the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions is to be taken seriously, no new combustion engine cars should be allowed on roads after 2030.” 

The resolution seeks to lower the tax subsidies diesel automakers presently benefit from. In addition, the upper house of parliament is asking for a review of “the current practices of taxation and dues with regard to a stimulation of emission-free mobility.”

Effects of the ban will likely put thousands of German auto industry jobs at risk, according to Reuters. This is because the powertrain of an electric car requires only 1/10th of the staff to be assembled, compared to a combustion-engined equivalent. Regardless, the transition is a necessary one, as the effects of climate change are already being witnessed. If the population as a whole does not strive to reduce its carbon footprint, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, rising ocean levels, and food scarcity will become more prevalent, reports NASA.

For this reason, one might conclude that the progressive resolution passed by Germany’s Bundesrat is positive news. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Source Trueactivist