10 Signs You Grew up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect in childhood is something that a lot of people undergo. It occurs when our parents do not cater to your emotional requirements.

This can even occur in a family that is apparently caring and loving. It must also be said there is no specific method to say if you were subjected to emotional neglect as it is not something that happens to you as a child and technically neither is it your parents failure to reciprocate to you emotionally.

Such children usually don’t grow up into happy adults. They have the tendency to blame themselves   if something goes wrong even if they weren’t responsible for it. However once we address the issue in a proper way we can gradually learn to cope with it and eventually get over it.

Following are 10 signs that will help you know whether you were emotionally neglected:

1) You feel numb.

You will always feel a strange sense of emptiness inside you.

2) You feel proud for being independent.

You hesitate to ask help from others. You believe in not depending on others for anything at all.

3) You often find it hard to figure out what exactly you’re feeling.

You realize that you are feeling something that you’re supposed not to and yet you cannot figure what it is. You can apparently be happy but deep inside it continues to overwhelm you.

4) You are especially hard on yourself.

You feel compassionate towards others but when it comes to yourself, you find it extremely difficult to forget your mistakes.

5) You feel flawed.

You always feel that there is something wrong with you although it isn’t.

6) You fight with self-discipline.

You find it difficult to stand up for what you believe is right. You find it extremely difficult to overcome your own weaknesses.

7) You often feel like being alone.

You find it hard to connect with others. It is as if no one understands you and you somehow cannot fit in with others.

8) You feel unhappy for no reason.

Almost always you struggle with unhappiness but you are never able to find out the cause of it.

9) You feel closer to animals than to people

You find it easier to connect with animals because they do not judge you and moreover do not require a reason to love you.

10) You feel that you are on the outside looking in

Parents who ignore the emotions of their children make them believe that their feelings do not matter. You must realize that it is harmful to walk on a path where you do not give much importance to your emotions. You have to come to terms with the fact that your emotions are very real and they matter. When you start taking your emotions seriously you will be able to see your life in a completely new light.