5 Questions To Answer Before You Say ‘I Love You’

The power of words cannot be denied, and there is a particular three word combo which might hold the most power of all – ‘I LOVE YOU’

When we are in the early stages of a relationship we start to feel intense feelings towards the other person, and it’s tempting to say these words. But you should be cautious about saying it until you know you know you truly mean it, and you’re aware of the implications.

Only once you have properly examined your feelings should you consider saying it, as the impact of saying the words can take the relationship to the next level.

If you feel like you’re ready to say it, ask yourself these 5 questions first…

Question #1 – Do you expect perfection?

To truly love someone means you love them for who they are, flaws included. Nobody is perfect and people generally won’t change in ways that others want them too, although there are exceptions to this. To accept your loved one’s imperfections, as they accept yours is the basis for a long-lasting loving relationship.

Also be aware that the relationship itself will not be perfect. It will have it’s ups and downs, bad times as well as good. So be prepared to accept this too before moving forward.

Question #2 – Are you friends?

The most successful romantic relationships are the ones in which the couple see each other as friends. Friends can laugh together, have similar interests and can work well together as a team. They know each other well enough to know how to handle each other without any need for control.

Question #3 – Do you feel needy or jealous?

When you partner is out, do you start to wonder if they are up to no good? Or when you see them acting friendly with other people does it make you feel jealous? If so, you might want to hold back from telling them you love them. Lack of trust is one of the main causes of breakups, so maybe give it time and see if you can trust them more first.

Question #4 – Is it only physical attraction?

While this may be what first attracted you to the person and the sex is the best you’ve ever had, is that all there is? Unless you’re also into their personality and are compatible on that level, the relationship probably won’t go very far. And you’re probably not actually in love with them anyway.

Question 5 – Are you ready to love?

By examining yourself and your motives for wanting to be with the person, you will know if you are ready or not. By making a further commitment you need to be sure that you’re ready to be the best person you can for them, and not be self-centered or selfish. Only say the words if you are ready to sacrifice a few things for them and for the relationship.

If you have asked yourself these 5 questions and answered them honestly, you will know if it’s time to say ‘I LOVE YOU’.