8 Hilarious Illustrations That Show Us How Much The World Has Changed Recently

There was a time when a typical computer nerd weighed less than his computer. Now your typical computer nerd is likely to be an overweight neck-bearded scruff that can barely type out an email on his small portable device because his fingers are too chunky.

If you’re old enough to have owned a Nokia 3310 you will probably miss the classic handset and wish you still had one, if only for nights out. Strong, sturdy and built to last for decades. Compare that to what we pay a fortune for these days – one slip of the finger while taking a selfie and it will cost you dearly!

Sharing seems to be much less common in this age of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours”. Unless of course it’s illegal file sharing, in which case it’s still going strong!

This one might actually be a good thing. Until they actually try sitting on your brand new 42 inch smart TV and send it crashing – then we have a serious crisis.

Those that are old enough will remember those early days of the internet, when almost every email that came through meant something to you. Now look where we’re at – hundreds of emails per week and you have to sift through the unsolicited spam to find the important ones. Imagine how nice it would be nice to receive a handwritten letter from a friend once in a while – or would that now be considered weird? Yes, definitely weird. (Just message me you weirdo!)

Can’t we just run for the sake of running any more? Does it really have to be an online broadcast?! Put the phone away, you’re missing the beauty of being outdoors and away from the screens.

How holiday pics have changed since everyone’s an amateur photographer these days. And it’s a shame that most only care about taking pictures of themselves rather than the scenes around them. Those legs do look nice though!

Remember when we used to talk?

Some great illustrations there that hit the nail on the head. What dramatic changes in society and peoples behavior have you noticed over the last generation? Comment below!