Here’s Why You Should Never Tip Your Servers 20%

Some people shouldn't be going out to eat if they can't afford to tip the servers 20%. Then again, why would you tip a server 20%?

By Abby Heugel | 22Words

If you’ve never worked in food service, consider yourself lucky. It’s not easy work, especially seeing as your income is solely dependent on the people who come in to eat that maybe shouldn’t be going out to eat if they can’t afford to tip the servers twenty percent.

Then again, why would you tip a server twenty percent?

After all, they make bank with every paycheck already.

Plus, they never have to share their tips or anything.

Look at how easy their job is!

Plus, all they do is bring out food and wait around.

They probably have way too much extra time on their hands.

When it comes to customers, they never have to take any crap.

Or go out of their way to accommodate everyone.

Customers are never creepy or anything.

“If you were on the menu, I would have you everyday (and if you’re lucky, every night”).

Sometimes they even leave art for the servers on the table!

And I’m pretty sure they always get holidays off.

They screw up more often than not, or at least that’s what we assume.

And they probably get TONS of free stuff anyway.

Management is super chill about everything.

They pretty much have the least stressful job in the world.


If they’re really good servers, someone else will leave them a proper tip.

And last but not least, servers never go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience.



They totally don’t deserve a minimum twenty percent.