Hilarious Or Scary Americans Were Asked To Find North Korea On A Map

With the tensions between North Korea and the USA being at boiling point thanks to some threats that are not so subtle from both sides, a poll was taken recently, and it revealed that 50% of Americans are in support of military action.

However, there is one big problem, and it is a good job that if it comes to it, finding North Korea is not in the hands of most Americans as they could not find it the region on a map.


People in the US have always been mocked by a lot of people around the world as they seem to have very poor geographical knowledge. Recently Jimmy Kimmel went out onto the streets of Los Angeles to find out just how many people knew where one of the biggest threats to the US, North Korea, was located.

One thing the poll revealed was that it is a good job that the people asked are not in charge of retaliating if it is needed as they had no idea where North Korea was a map.

The video is hilarious and slightly worrying at the same time. While Kimmel intended the poll to be just a bit of fun, some people took things very seriously, and they defended the US geographical literacy or the lack of it. Perhaps who Kimmel should have been asking to locate North Korea was President Donald Trump and it would have been interesting to hear his answer without any prompting from those around him. If it comes to it would he nuke North Korea or send the missiles heading towards Europe or some other country?

After the video was shown, there were numerous comments from people and not surprisingly one person asked whether all people in the USA were as dumb as those shown on the video or whether only the worst people had been picked out and included?

In the video, one woman was asked to point out North Korea on a map, and she pointed to the Middle East. Others picked out Europe; one woman picked out the Arctic, Canada, India, and Australia. In fact, it seemed that people picked out regions on the map that were anywhere but North Korea and many people had multiple guesses.

Let’s just hope that Donald Trump and the rest of his team have much better knowledge of geography and know exactly where North Korea is located if they need to find the coordinates in a hurry.

Source Disclose.tv