If You Love Time Alone You Might Be Smarter Than You Think

How much does time alone mean to you?

We all need downtime to recharge and come back to things stronger, and we all do this in different ways. Some people are happy to still be surrounded by friends and family when they switch off, but it turns out that smarter people will embrace time alone to reap the rewards that come from it.

Researchers for The British Journal of Psychology recently published an article which tells us that from their study, the smartest people (based on their scores on an IQ test) don’t tend to find increased happiness or a better quality of life by spending their time associating with friends and acquaintances.

They prefer to spend a lot of their free time by themselves to work on projects, read books or invest time into their spiritual development.

The only way to accomplish what they feel is significant in their life is without the distraction and demands of others. The ultimately leads to happiness and fulfillment and makes life feel more worthwhile.

This is not to say that they don’t also value friendships and time spend with the people that matter to them – more that they have a greater understanding of the bigger picture and what they want to achieve with their life, so they make the time to work on these things.

If I love time alone does that make me an introvert?

While many would think this type of behavior would indicate the person is an introvert, that is not always the case.

Extroverts can also value time alone and will factor it into their lives for a more well balanced existence. They balance their time alone with quality time spent with those that matter to them, maintaining a healthy and nourishing social life.

So if you find yourself often wanting to be reclusive and lock yourself away from the outside world, this might not be a negative thing. It might just mean you’re one of the smarter ones who understands exactly what makes you happy and what makes your life more meaningful.

Do you feel that you need a lot of time alone? If so, why is this? Let us know in the comments below!