The Reason Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom

Only a dog-owner knows the bliss of having a frolicking, happy pup in the house! While most of their behaviour is fairly easy to understand, but there are subtleties in them that most naïve people fail to grasp. Well, you may not be a “pro” in comprehending animal-language but here are 12 easy ways to decode what your beloved canine wants to say.

Puppy-Dog Eyes

Although it’s a phrase commonly in use, but what it actually means is that your dog wants to showcase some love and build a greater bond of trust between the two of you.

Following You Around

Dogs usually will follow your footsteps and match your steps paw-to-paw in and around the house! It’s because they want to do stuff with family!

Giving You Little Gifts

Well, more often than not, your little doggy will come around with gifts like a stick or maybe a dead rodent! It’s just their way of sharing their joy with the person who means the most!

Cuddling after Dinner

Dogs usually end up showering all their love on you once their bellies are full. It’s just the canine way to show some love!

Licking Your Body or Face

Well, every dog-owner has to get drenched in his dog’s saliva once in a while! Licking helps dogs relieve their stress in addition to being the doggy-way of kissy-mushy stuff!

Going Wild Whenever You Return Home

Well, your dog will turn crazy with joy once it hears your car-horn honking in the driveway or your footsteps on the portico! The obvious result will jumping on you with all the enthusiasm, after all it missed for such a long time!

Knowing When Something Is Wrong

No one understands your emotions more than your dog! They are the best psychoanalysts and once they find you are down, they will turn on their therapy super-power!

Crawling In Your Bed

Nothing is more satisfying than finding you pup cuddling close to you in bed! It’s their way of keeping in touch and also to find your essence when you are not home!

Raising a Single Paw

One paw up usually means it’s time for sport or some munch-munch! They also do it if they want to draw your attention to something interesting.

Leaning Against You

Well, everybody loves attention and dogs are no exception! So if they are leaning against you, it means they want some extra love and hugs!

Trying To Get Your Opinion

Have you ever noticed your dog eyeing you for approval or wagging his tail in and around you? That’s because they want your opinion on something and who else to give better advice than you!

Squinting and Blinking Eyes

When dogs are using their eyes a lot, it just means they need all your attention! So next, keep an eye out for a wink or a blink!

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