Studies Reveal 3 Surprising Bad Habits Of Highly Intelligent People

Intelligence is not just something that can be determined by an IQ test. There are many more ways in which an individual can be very intelligent without being able to score high marks in traditional tests based on a limited number of abilities.

And likewise, really intelligent people may also have some bad habits that may be contrary to the habits people expect of those with superior intelligence, as a recent scientific studies have shown.

Possessing these bad habits yourself does not instantly mean you are a genius, but knowing that they aren’t necessarily flaws that mean you are are of a lower intelligence, may be comforting.

So what are the 3 bad habits commonly found among those of high intelligence?

Bad Habit #1:  The tendency to swear a lot

Many people assume that the use of bad language indicates a lack of vocabulary or the inability to express oneself with better fluency. However that is not the case. This scientific study shows that intelligent people with a large vocabulary and high level of fluency can often be the worst offenders when it comes to the use of taboo words.

They have the ability to choose their words to suit the occasion and sometimes it is more effective and suitable to drop some four letter words to get a point across. Those who choose to use bad language effectively show an ability to express themselves in the best way possible given the situation.

Bad Habit #2: They stay up late

When we are young we are forced to go to bed early and when we stay up late we are breaking the rules. But what if when you broke the rules it wasn’t because you were trying to be a rebel, but instead because you literally can’t go to bed early. If now in later life you still can’t sleep early, this might be a sign of intelligence.

A recent study carried out on a large number of young Americans showed that the higher the IQ of the person, the later they normally went to bed.

The study showed that the children with IQs of under 75 tended to be in bed by 23:41 on a weeknight once they grew up to be young adults. And the children with IQs of over 125 would up sleeping after 00:29 when adults.

So essentially the study suggests that “more intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal as adults than less intelligent children”

Bad Habit #3: They live in messy environments

It would be natural to assume that intelligence comes with a tendency to keep the environment clean and tidy in order to think clearly.

But it actually turns out that creative people (with creativity being a strong indicator of intelligence) tend to have messy desks and messy rooms – the messier the environment they are in, the more creative ideas are generated. It also shows they break away from conventional thinking to create the type of environment that serves them best – an organized mess!

So, let’s be a bit easier on our children if they have these bad habits – they might not be naughty, just highly intelligent!