Research Claims That Messy People Who Swear And Stay Up Late Are More Intelligent

Fucking hell, intelligent people apparently use a shit-tonne of bastard swear words.

A motherfucking study has suggested that the use of pissing curse words can increase your IQ, dispelling the myth that those who swear have a limited vocabulary.

According to Business Insider, a study found that those with a potty mouth and the ability to name the most swear words in a minute tend to have a higher IQ and have better rhetorical strength.


The study, by Kristin L. Jaya and Timothy B. Jay from Marist College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, respectively, says: “A folk assumption about colloquial speech is that taboo words are used because speakers cannot find better words with which to express themselves: because speakers lack vocabulary.

“A competing possibility is that fluency is fluency regardless of subject matter – that there is no reason to propose a difference in lexicon size and ease of access for taboo as opposed to emotionally-neutral words.

“In each study, a set of 10 taboo words accounted for 55-60 percent of all taboo word data. Expressives were generated at higher rates than slurs.”

In another study uncovered by Business Insider, it was also found that more intelligent people also stay up later. So, if you’re sat reading this right now in the early hours of the morning, flowing an expletive outburst at an online game on your PlayStation or Xbox, well done, you’re fucking clever.

PlayStation game gaming explosion boom GIF

Comparing us now to those at a time that had no manufactured light, Satoshi Kanazawa, writing for Psychology Today, claims: “It is therefore reasonable to infer that our ancestors must also have limited their daily activities to daylight, and sustained nocturnal activities are largely evolutionarily novel. The Hypothesis would therefore predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to be nocturnal than less intelligent individuals.”

And if all that wasn’t enough, another study claims that messy people are also more intelligent. So, to go back to the previous point, if you’re up late swearing at your TV and you’re surrounded by crisp packets, empty tins of lager and a number of clothes are sprawled across the floor, then you might just give Stephen Hawkins a run for his money.

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Okay maybe not that far, but those with messy work desks tend to have more time to focus on work, rather than tidying or cleaning, meaning that over time their output is more intelligent.

Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs says: “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.”

Fucking look at my dirty ass room at 2am now, mum.

By Mark McGowan | Lad Bible