One Of The Biggest Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland!

The pineal gland, or the third-eye as per popular belief, is regarded as a source of power, power that we can’t even imagine. This pine cone shaped spot, (from which the name is derived) situated right between the two hemispheres of our brain has the potential to open new doors of perception for the humankind.

This area is responsible for the secretion of a hormone named melatonin, which determines our sleeping habits and regulates the process of moving on to unconsciousness from the waking life.

It also determines the seasonal changes in the human body.

This gland is thought to be the gateway between the real and the ethereal – when it’s activated, we come to experience a feeling of unity and spiritual bliss.

We come to realize that whatever we need to know, is already within us, waiting to be manifested. You can activate this area by following a systematic meditation and a steady alignment of chakras.

Ancient scriptures also suggest that the activation of the third-eye can open up possibilities like mind control and inter-dimensional travel.

It may all sound like some mumbo jumbo, but the former Soviet Union government have been involved with some serious research on the effects of the pineal gland, with the aid of other shadow organizations from around the globe.

They have supposedly discovered some pretty valuable information, which is deliberately kept hush hush from the general public. It’s curious – why would they try to keep our own intuitive secrets from ourselves?

There is, however, a catch. Sodium fluoride runs through the gland, which consequentially makes it inactive. It stuns the activities of the pineal gland in order to keep the hormones of the human body in an equilibrium.

Sadly enough, our water supply contains 90% of sodium fluoride, along with other chemical compounds. These chemicals aren’t filtered by the ordinary water filters that we use in our households.

You can distill your water, or apply reverse osmosis in order to get rid of these chemicals from your water supply.

We may not know how to manifest the pineal gland yet, but our mind is a lot more capable than we think. If we look close enough, we can always find all the answers from deep within us.

You can very well dismiss it as science fiction, but remember, one of the first science fiction films was about a trip to the moon, a dream realized just a few decades after the release of the film. Focus on your intuition rather than on external influences. You are a source of immense energy. Have faith!

Source: Awareness Act